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Presto Products have long been a part of busy kitchens. They are widely recognized as the leader in electronic housewares and have been for decades. Many of their products invent entirely new categories of appliances that quickly become a “must have” items.

From professional chefs to working parents looking to save time without skimping on healthy food, presto products have been improving kitchens around the world for over a century. This site is an independent organization dedicated to helping people understand their options when it comes it purchasing new kitchen appliances and tools. It also supplies support for those who already own products made by Presto and want to know more about them and how to use them to their utmost.

All Presto products are designed with the combined goals of making cooking easier, faster and healthier. Those who have to balance kitchen duties with other important aspects of running a house and caring for a family appreciate those design goals.

History of Presto Products:

In order to understand what makes their kitchen tools such good investments for the future it is good to know a bit about the companies past.

National Presto Industries was originally founded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, as the “North West Steel and Ironworks” in 1905. In 1917 they changed their name to “National Pressure Cooker Company,” reflecting the companies focus on producing quality pressure cookers and canners. 1917 was also when new federal policies by the USDA determined that the only safe way to can low-acid foods (including most vegetables, meats, poultry, and seafood) was utilizing a pressure canning. Other methods posed too high a risk for food poisoning. National Pressure Cooker Company was already a leader in this safe food preparation technology. This is one of the first examples in a long line of innovation focused on technologies that look out for health and safety in the American kitchen.

In 1939 National Pressure Cooker Company released a revolutionary saucepan-style pressure cooker. It was released under the brand name Presto pressure cooker. This continuing tradition of innovation and excellence in pressure cooking solutions cemented what “Presto” products are best known for. Their almost exclusive association with pressure cooking lasts even to this day.

But that's not the only part of the story. World War II brought big changes. National Pressure Cooker Company suspended appliance production to contribute to the ongoing war effort. Their massive production lines were shifted to rocket fuses.

Beyond Presto Pressure Cookers

In the Post War period production was resumed. In 1953 the company officially changed it's name to what we know it as today: “National  Presto Industries” with products expanding into a wide variety of household wonders. One of the most important, for the future of Presto products, was the new lines of Presto brand electric cooking devices, including their well known electric pressure cookers, a category of products that they still dominate today. Many of their devices, although electric, were designed to be submerged in water safely. This allowed for consumer safety and ease of use as products could be put into newly emerging dishwashers.

Since the 50's Presto has expanded into a variety of specialty electronic cooking markets. They have revolutionized:

Today, Presto products exhibit a commitment to quality and innovation that is just as strong as at any time in their long history. Not only are all of their factories located in America, but because of their long history focused on quality kitchen items they have an extensive back inventory of parts. Some Presto pressure cooker parts are still supported from prior to World War II. Even the best made appliance can break, but with such an extensive parts back-inventory and long product warranties you can use any product made by Presto to it's fullest

Thank You for Visiting Our Site: is an independent organization, not at all affiliated with National Presto Industries. Our aim is to educate and provide information about the benefits and safe use of kitchen appliances and how to make the right purchasing choice for your needs.


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